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Kshitij Joshi


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Healing The Anima 

Rocky was the reigning superstar of the 80s Hindi cinema. The world was at his feet.

Money, success and fame followed, except happiness. In the present, Krish is out to learn more about the star’s life and stumbles upon the unbelievable.

Grab your copy of Healing The Anima today to find out now!

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All the characters are well structured and weaved beautifully into the plot. There are some unexpected twists that can leave you in tears. The climax of the novel is a mixed bag of emotions.


Amazon Customer

Praise & Reviews

It's such an important read because it shows how media distorts our reality.
It's also important with so many of us suffering mentally and either not knowing it, or not admitting it to even ourselves. It shows the lengths to which it can take over our lives and that there is hope.

Goodreads Reviewer

... The book reveals a lot of topics that we don't get to read about since they are buried behind the glamorous world.


Goodreads Reviewer

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About Kshitij Joshi

Wing Commander Kshitij Joshi is commissioned officer of the Indian Air Force. He is a mechanical and Aerospace Engineer
and holds an M Tech (Aerodynamics) from IIT Bombay. ‘Healing the Anima’ is his
first novel that follows a burst of unpublished short stories.

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