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Kshitij Joshi's Biography

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Wing Commander Kshitij Joshi is commissioned officer of the Indian Air Force and is presently serving in one of its bases. He is a mechanical and Aerospace Engineer and holds an M Tech (Aerodynamics) from IIT Bombay. ‘Healing the Anima’ is his
first novel that follows a burst of unpublished short stories.


With many noted Kannada writers in the family, Kshitij has plunged into the same world albeit different language. He hails from Karnataka and lives with his wife and two children, a domesticated four-legged furry Golden Retriever and a wild, two-legged, four-year-old human being. He is fond of food, films, and books, not necessarily in that order. He loves cooking, prefers racquet games and is an ardent fan of the Indian cricket team.

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